By: Taylor Gray

The Long Awaited Sequel

Alas, the sequel has arrived! We’ve all been waiting for this moment since the first Avatar blessed our eyes. Avatar graced the movie screen in 2009, this movie captivated us with its surreal out of this world visuals and creative genius. Most fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on a successor. Sadly, they had no idea it would take 13 long years before the second film’s release. But, fortunately it was well worth the wait!

The biggest headline that shocked everybody was that the movie was going to be over 3 hours long! 3 hours and 12 minutes to be exact, 30 minutes longer than the first. This length in a movie might prove to be intimidating for those who judge before they give the film a chance. Those who did judge too soon would have definitely missed out on one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.

Avatar: The Way of Water had all the elements: love, family, action, suspense, twists and turns. I couldn’t find a single thing that could have taken away from the movie’s excellence. Nothing felt forced, and if you didn’t know these were actors transformed with top-notch CGI, you would think the Planet Pandora and its inhabitants were as real as you and I.


The story follows the main characters Jake Sully, a human turned Na’vi, and Neytiri, daughter of the late Chief of the Omatikaya clan. Jake took the mantle of Chief, and the two started a family having 3 children: sons Neteyam, Lo’ak, and daughter Tuk; they also adopted 2: Kiri (the late Grace Augustine’s daughter) and Spider, a human born on planet Pandora. The family’s days were rarely uneventful. Until an enemy thought long gone came back to finish what was started in the first Avatar.

The human led RDA (The Resource Development Administration) invasion returned to planet Pandora after 16 years since the previous invasion/war with the Na’vi people. The RDA proved to be too powerful to fight man to man, especially with their advanced technology and weaponry.

Jake realized what they really wanted was him, dead or captured, and he wasn’t having either. His home, his family, he couldn’t lose them both, so he made a hard decision and chose the life of his family. Giving up his status and leaving the clan, Jake searched for a new home to keep himself and his family safe.

The way of the water became their way when they began living in an aquatic region of Pandora with the Metkayina clan.

The family tried their hardest to adapt to the new ways of Metkayina clan, different yes, but not impossible. Inclusion wasn’t a breeze either, there were multiple instances where tension and exclusion were exhibited. Even so, the Na’vi people ultimately united and fought for the peace of their land, together.

Award Winning

Avatar: The Way of Water was nominated for 129 awards, received an Oscar and many other awards. 2023 Best Visual Effects, Best Achievement in Visual Effects, Best Director, Movie of the Year, and plenty more. With a budget of $350-460 million, the movie grossed over $2.3 Billion! This made Avatar: The Way of Water not only the highest grossing of 2022 but the third highest grossing movie of all-time! safe to say the movie was a hit.


All fingers point at Avatar 2022 being a great movie for the ages. If you haven’t done yourself the favor of checking out this masterpiece, I suggest you treat yourself. It’ll be one of the best riveting movie experiences you’ll have in recent memory.




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