“Ice Cube Talks Hollywood” The Truth about Script Writing, A.I & much more!!!”

By: Melvin Ja’rell Walls Jr.

A New Venture

Ice Cube, the multifaceted entertainer renowned for his captivating performances, is set to embark on an exciting new venture in the highly anticipated Ninja Turtles as a Villain named “Super Fly”, directed by the talented Seth Rogan. Cubes remarkable talent and versatility have earned him a dedicated global fan base, eagerly anticipating his latest role. Cube’s excitement for the upcoming film is palpable as he describes it as “hella entertaining.” He reassures fans that the movie carries a PG rating, ensuring it is suitable for viewers of all ages. In addition to his acting and producing prowess, Cube unveils his lesser-known passion for editing, immersing himself in the intricate process of perfecting scenes.

Cube’s Process

As a hands-on creator, Cube personally relies on the software “Final Draft” for his writing endeavors. Reflecting on his writing journey, Cube credits the legendary John Singleton, who discovered him in the influential film “Boyz in the Hood” as the catalyst for his love of writing. Cube generously shares invaluable advice on capturing producer’s attention with a standout script. While acknowledging the challenges of direct outreach, he emphasizes the importance of crafting a script that deeply resonates, akin to a delectable feast prepared with the perfect ingredients.

Partnership With Jesse Collins Entertainment

Excitingly, Ice Cube is teaming up with Jesse Collins Entertainment to create a sports docuseries centered around his successful Big3 sports league. Through his production company, Cube Vision, Cube aims to provide a behind-the-scenes look at one of the fastest-growing leagues in the United States, challenging the NBA’s dominance and aspiring to become a premier sports league globally. This untitled series will present a dual narrative, skillfully blending elements from “Welcome to Wrexham” and “Cheer” with the captivating world of basketball. Viewers will have the opportunity to witness Cube’s journey in building a basketball league from the ground up, while simultaneously following one of the Big3 teams as they navigate the trials and triumphs of a demanding season, all in pursuit of a national championship. The series will also delve into the widely publicized $1.2 billion lawsuit the Big3 filed against Qatari investors.

A Matter Of Principle

Cube’s unwavering commitment to his principles is evident as he frequently turns down roles that contradict his beliefs or portray characters lacking authenticity. This unwavering dedication showcases his determination to portray characters that deeply resonate with his core values. Cube sheds light on the presence of hidden messages in children’s movies and animations from major studios like Disney, urging parents to exercise caution and remain vigilant when exposing their children to these films.

Cube’s Thoughts On Ja Morant

Delving into the controversy surrounding Ja Morant’s second firearm offense, Cube empathizes with young artists who achieve success at an early age. He emphasizes the importance of having mentors, whether they be friends or experienced individuals, who can guide them through the challenges that come with fame. Expressing his concerns about artificial intelligence (A.I.), Cube advocates for artists to distance themselves from auto-tune. He believes that A.I. possesses a negative quality and anticipates a backlash from genuine music enthusiasts. Cube encourages artists to embrace their authentic voices, ensuring that their music resonates with authenticity, free from reliance on computer-generated sounds. While acknowledging the originality of artists like T-Pain, who skillfully incorporated auto-tune, Cube voices his apprehension about the growing artificiality in music. He laments the prevalence of computer-like sounds that have diminished the organic and authentic essence that once defined the music industry.

In Conclusion

Through his thought-provoking insights, Ice Cube offers a unique glimpse into the multifaceted world of filmmaking and the music industry. His revelations enrich our understanding of these ever-evolving domains, leaving us hungry for more.

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