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Jonathan Majors In Trouble

Jonathan Majors may be facing jail time. You probably know him from “Lovecraft Country” or ‘When we Rise” among several other films – and things were going great for him until this assault case.

What are we talking about? As it turns out actor Jonathan Majors has been accused for assaulting and harassing his girlfriend while they were in a cab. Apparently, they were fighting about a text message that Majors received from another woman according to police sources.

So, there are those charges, and there’s the actor’s attorney who maintains that he is innocent. Sounds like a juicy story so let’s get right into it.

The allegations

If you are a fan of Jonathan Majors, then you have probably heard of his recent arrest. What did he do? Apparently, he assaulted and harassed his 30 year old girlfriend who then proceeded to press charges leading to his arrest in New York City.

In this day and age, it is important to address domestic violence and the impact that it has on the individuals involved as well as the society. Now, Jonathan has not been convicted of the crime that he supposedly committed, but we think it would help to get a brief backstory about the actor and how it comes into play with his assault case.

The backstory

Jonathan was born in 1989, but a few years after his birth, his father abandoned the family. He simply didn’t come back home one day – as simple as that! As a young boy, you can imagine what this did to him even at school where most of the other kids had present fathers.

Anyway, his mother got remarried to a man who was fresh out of jail, and the relationship between step father and step son wasn’t a good one. Needless to say, Jonathan did have a troublesome childhood and teenage hood dealing with childhood trauma, rebelliousness, and poverty all at the same time.

Obviously, you can’t help but wonder if all this has to do with what is happening now.

According to police reports, there was an argument between the couple that turned physical leading to injuries sustained by Jonathan’s partner. As expected, law enforcement officials responded to the incident, leading to Majors’ subsequent arrest.

There are some people who believe that the actor is having a hard time first, because he is a man and second, because he is black. The argument is that if things were the other way around, the woman would not be having such a hard time with the law for assaulting a man.

The witch-hunt

According to Majors’ lawyer, the DA has been provided with irrefutable evidence that the said girlfriend lied – and this includes video footage showing that nothing happened.

Priya Chaudhry, the lawyer says that the woman’s claims are baseless and ultimately a witch hunt against Jonathan Majors.  

Now in the face of possible lies, the DA did not dismiss the woman’s allegations. Instead, the DA altered the charges to back up the woman’s lies according to Chaudhry.

Though she didn’t provide any details, Chaudhry is also claiming to have more evidence that will ultimately exonerate Majors.

The Aftermath

Following the assault allegations and consequent charges, Jonathan Majors was issued with a restraining order. A New York judge states that Majors must continue to abide by the full stay-away order for protection, which includes not contacting the accuser.

The actor did attend a court hearing via Zoom on May 9th where the judge discussed a motion filed by Majors’ defense team. The prosecution is supposed to respond to the same by May 23rd.


As it stands now, there is a scheduled hearing on June 13th. In case he fails to attend it, he risks getting arrested within 48 hours. If Majors is found guilty, he could face up to a year behind bars or a three-year probation term.

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