By: Melvin Walls

Imagine this scenario; You’re handling big money matters, overseeing accounts,  and dealing with millions of dollars. While you’re wrapping up your financial  analysis on a calm, sunlit day, you notice your tenant outside the window, taking  care of some beehives you own. Just as you shift your focus back to the laptop for  your important task, a pop-up grabs your attention, claiming your system is infected.

Now, let’s dive into (writer and producer) Kurt Wimmer’s new movie (The Beekeeper)Jason Statham, playing (Adam Clay), is a down-to-earth beekeeper working for  Phylicia Rashad’s character, (Eloise Parker), on a simple New England farm. The  plot takes a surprising turn when Eloise falls prey to a phishing scam, losing her  entire fortune, including a hefty $2 million charity fund. In a desperate move to fix  things, Eloise dials a number on her screen, unknowingly falling into the clutches  of a crafty scam led by David Witts‘ character. As the scam unfolds, it becomes  clear that (Garnett), played by David Witts, is not just fooling Eloise but also

giving a tutorial to a group of hackers. Their cheers echo the intensity of aggressive  stockbrokers on Wall Street. This film immerses its audience in a world where  cybercrime, deception, and the complexities of modern life collide, crafting an  exhilarating narrative by Wimmer. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of suspense  and intrigue.

Josh Hutcherson takes on the role of (Derek Danforth), the son of the wealthy  Jemma Redgrave, who portrays (Jessica Danforth) and holds a crucial position as  Madam President as the (Chief and commander of the United States of America).  She mostly keeps her distance from her son, trusting his well-being in Jeremy  Irons’s character, (Wallace Westwyld). Wallace, the former CIA director, now  oversees Danforth Enterprises. Apart from running the company, a significant part  of his job is keeping Derek out of the tabloids, jail, and any other kind of trouble.

Imagine a thrilling daydream where you get to unleash justice on those slick, white collar criminals who prey on the innocent without care. “The Beekeeper” had me  pondering about the older individuals like my grandparents in my world,  hoodwinked by scam artists, estate predators, and other shady characters. It’s  disheartening to think about the police and court officers unwilling to lift a finger  for justice. Now I would have extended Phylicia Rashad’s script in this role, and in  addition to my subjective opinion; in a statement by producer, director, and film maker of Workplace Drama “Tamera-Hill-McDowell” states “I think by letting the  character live, would have added more depth to the storyline and plot twist between a  mother and daughter(s) relationship” She gives the “Beekeeper” a 7 out of 10 rating  which is fair and parallels the general and subjective voice of the movie critics  around the world. I certainly had a little more grace with a strong 7.9 out of 10, but  hey that’s why she’s a formidable movie and film creator and not just a critic of the  Action/thriller movie industry.

In conclusion, in the world of criminal takedowns, (Adam Clay) charges through  the underworld with an unforgiving, blunt force as Statham, embodying the  appearance and demeanor of a bullet, effortlessly eliminates anyone in his way,  displaying the “Transporter” attributes we’ve come to know and love, added by  elegance and force while stating often that he’s “retired”. As an elite, part of a  secret service operating far off the government’s books surprisingly, their mission  statements draw inspiration from the natural order of bees, creating a secretive and  intriguing organization with a code of their own. We should stay vigilant as this  movie (The Beekeeper) informs us that the billion-dollar cyber phishing underworld is always lurking, looking, and preying on the uninformed, the innocent, and the  unknowing elderly in our modern-day communities.

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